There has been a robin making my life miserable lately. He has been waking me up at awful hours tapping on my bedroom window. So, I wrote him a poem… (side note – I’m awful at poetry, I know, but writing this made me laugh. And, after days of barely sleeping, I needed that! Also, if you didn’t know, I’m a HUGE fan of Poe, so this is, obviously, with him in mind.)


Once upon an early morning, my husband lay there, softly snoring

I realized I had been awoken, not from mumbled sleeping words spoken

But because I heard a tapping, loudly rapping, which wasn’t at my chamber door

The sound came from behind the curtain – “you shall sleep, nevermore”


For once it wasn’t just my cat, eating my hair, imagine that!

No massaging claws down my back


It wasn’t the dogs, begging for breakfast, needing to pee, or whining incessant

Everyone was quiet but the tapping, ever present


Weak and weary I wished it away but to my dismay the tapping was here to stay

Pounding loudly on the glass, a tiny robin was visible at last

I threw open the curtains to scare it away, but it returned without delay

Rapping, tapping, never napping, that damn robin did not stray


Morning after morning he did rise and silently I planned his demise

Hoping, praying he would disappear before I bring the poison near

I fear I’ll forever hear this rapping, tapping, inside my ear
Sanity slipping, hands are gripping, crumbled sheets no longer used for slipping, slipping into sleepy snores

That stupid bird forever tapping, rapping, reminding me I will sleep, nevermore

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