The Streets of Ireland

I’m a sucker for details.   And, Ireland overwhelmed my desire to photograph details.  I loved every single piece of street art, the bits of moss growing between the cobblestone, the ornately sculpted designs above every door, all of it!  So today, I’m sharing a few of the hundreds of details that stopped me in my tracks. *Nearly all of these photos were taking with my iPhone 4s*

Glendalough, Ireland

As promised, I’m starting my posts from my adventures in Ireland! I wanted to share the images I took while in Glendalough with you first because they are some of my favorites 🙂  I was shooting with my tilt-shift lens for the day and am quite happy with the perfectly imperfect feel it gives the images. On the day we visited Glendalough it was chilly and snowing lightly, but the walk around the beautiful park and monastic ruins was breathtaking.  It was wonderful to step out of the city and into a country setting.  Later this day we were even …

Greetings from Dublin!

My apologies for being able to hear the crickets on this page over the last week or so. I have a really good excuse, I promise! I have been exploring the cobblestone streets of Dublin, Ireland. The country is beyond beautiful and I have been soaking in every minute. My plan, for when I get home, is to do a handful of posts outlining my time here, so check back for that later this week! Until then, I have attached my favourite photo from yesterday. A seagull photo bomb taken in Howth, Ireland.

Frida Kahlo – Clothing Exhibit

While in University working on my degree I was forced to take a second language as part of my degree requirements.  So, I signed up for my Spanish 100 course.  While I undoubtedly struggled learning the language, I was happy with my decision.  After completing my first Spanish course, I was presented with an amazing opportunity to travel to Mexico City for a few weeks. I have always loved the culture and was beginning to learn the language making this trip truly a once in a lifetime experience.  Once I set foot on the streets of this magnificent city, my …

Wish List : Valentine’s Day

    1. Mr. Teaup on Etsy    2. My Bookmark on Etsy    3. ABC store – Castle “Writer” bunnyhug    4. Brookish on Etsy With Valentine’s Day approximately 12 hours away I thought I would create a wishlist for all of the book-lovers out there!  I vote to opt out of the roses and chocolates for one of these beautiful items 🙂


Envying:  Celeste Giuliano   Her photography is fun, flirty, classy, and unlike anything I have seen recently.  I would love, more than anything, to travel out to Philadelphia, PA to stand on the other side of the camera for a change.  Specifically, her camera. Reading: The Poisonwood Bible: A Novel At the moment, I’m halfway through the novel and I’m absolutely loving every single page!  Adah is my favorite character and I find myself looking forward to her chapters.  When I first picked this novel up I did not know it was a part of Oprah’s book club.  After reading A Million Little Pieces I …


Thank you very much for stopping by! I’ve recently adopted this space and am happy to call it my new home 🙂  While I’m still currently in the process of developing the content and structure, I plan to have everything up and running in full speed in the very near future.  You can expect to find book reviews, photography features, travel adventures, random collections, and plenty of appearances from my fur babies.  If this sounds like a journey you may want to join me on I would love to have you! I’ll be adding to my ‘About Me’ page soon …