Window Shopping : Vol. 1- Holiday Edition

Mr. T and I don’t usually buy each other Christmas gifts because Winter is our quiet season which means  – travel!  Plus, we’re desperately trying to get rid of ‘stuff’. However, that doesn’t mean I can’t create a little wish list of the things I would hope for if presents were our ‘thing’.


I would love to add a pair of ear weights to my collection.  I love these ones!


via : wotwjewelry

Morning coffee is already the best part of the day, but I think it really couldn’t get any better if my hands were wrapped around one of these adorable mugs!

Tickled Teal Boutique

via : Tickled Teal Boutique

I have been drooling over this lamp for at least a year now. It reminds me of the lamps in the Boston Public Library. I’m going to start squirreling away my pennies so I can buy it for my office!


via : Long Made Co. 

At first, I just loved this tee because, well, cats. But then I read the description of the meaning behind the design and loved it so much more.

Seriously, read it.


via : Kin Ship Goods

As a rule, I don’t really ‘get’ most comedians/comics/cartoons. My brother stole all of my sense of humor at birth (iloveyoupoopypants!). However, I feel like Gemma Correll can do no wrong and that every single cartoon she draws was written about my life.  Specifically, this one.

…and now I’m buying myself a copy.


Via : Gemma Correll

What’s on your Christmas wish list this year?

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