Thank you very much for stopping by!

I’ve recently adopted this space and am happy to call it my new home :)  While I’m still currently in the process of developing the content and structure, I plan to have everything up and running in full speed in the very near future.  You can expect to find book reviews, photography features, travel adventures, random collections, and plenty of appearances from my fur babies.  If this sounds like a journey you may want to join me on I would love to have you!

I’ll be adding to my ‘About Me’ page soon so you can get a better idea of the person pressing down the buttons on the keyboard, but until then, my little bio will have to suffice.

Please check back in a week or so when things should be in full working order!

P.S.  For those curious about the name of the blog, it’s inspired by my favorite television show.  Do you know what it is? :)


8 thoughts on “Welcome!

  1. Reblogged this on FICKLEosophy and commented:
    And in the continued spirit of showing some love to blogs that are new on the block – Write, She Wrote is – in it’s beginning stages – adorable. The name, very clever and explained. And a fan of “I Pledge to Read the Printed Word” – splendid! I foresee it being everything a blog should be…about someone sharing… So share some more!

  2. I’m excited to follow along on your new blog! It doesn’t matter how long or how well I have known you, you always share something new and different and sometimes something unexpected just pops out.

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