Frida Kahlo – Clothing Exhibit

While in University working on my degree I was forced to take a second language as part of my degree requirements.  So, I signed up for my Spanish 100 course.  While I undoubtedly struggled learning the language, I was happy with my decision.  After completing my first Spanish course, I was presented with an amazing opportunity to travel to Mexico City for a few weeks.

I have always loved the culture and was beginning to learn the language making this trip truly a once in a lifetime experience.  Once I set foot on the streets of this magnificent city, my love for all things Mexican only deepened.  Before I left for my trip I had started to do research on Mexican artist Frida Kahlo.  Her self-portraits drew me in and I quickly became obsessed with learning everything I could about her life and art.

Me in Mexico City in front of a very large statue of Frida Kahlo.
Me in Mexico City in front of a very large statue of Frida Kahlo.

When Kahlo passed away, her husband Diego Rivera ordered her abstract collection of clothing to be boxed up and locked away.  A few years later, Rivera also passed away.  All of Kahlo’s clothing remained packed up and out of the public eye.  Until recently that is.  La Casa Azul is now in possession of those beautiful pieces of, what I would consider to be, an extension of her art.  They currently have many of the items from her wardrobe on display for the public to view.  There is some more information about it in the video below…

Here’s the part that has me so incredibly excited and itching to head back to the city to see this exhibit.  They said that her clothes still smelled of her perfume and cigarette smoke!  There were remnants of paint on the articles of clothing she wore while creating her masterpieces.  This gives me goosebumps.  I can not imagine what that must have been like for the curators unpacking the clothing and setting up the displays.

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  1. I always meant to ask you about when you were looking at E.A. Poe’s writing, and touching it,,, did the thought come to your mind that you were touching what his hands’ touched? I know I’m weird and I don’t know why this blog reminded of that but anyhow just wondering :)

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