Glendalough, Ireland

As promised, I’m starting my posts from my adventures in Ireland!

I wanted to share the images I took while in Glendalough with you first because they are some of my favorites :)  I was shooting with my tilt-shift lens for the day and am quite happy with the perfectly imperfect feel it gives the images.

On the day we visited Glendalough it was chilly and snowing lightly, but the walk around the beautiful park and monastic ruins was breathtaking.  It was wonderful to step out of the city and into a country setting.  Later this day we were even forced to pull our car over and wait for a very large herd of sheep to pass!  I have a video of it that I’ll try to post at some point too.

After exploring the country sights we cleaned ourselves up and headed the Ritz Carlton where we had an amazing meal at the chef’s table in a Gordon Ramsay restaurant, which was, undoubtedly, one of the highlights of our trip.

Hope you enjoy this first installment of my travels :)


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