Howth, Ireland

One of the very first times I dipped my toes in the ocean was on a trip to Prince Edward Island.  I fell in love with the water, the boats, the seafood, and yes, even the seagulls.  The scent of salt on the air was comforting and I, so desperately, wanted to call the East coast, ‘home’.

On our recent trip to Ireland, we planned a quick adventure out to see the ocean.  We spent the morning exploring the quaint little coastal village of Howth.  Seconds after setting foot on the damp pavement, I spotted a sign for a used book sale and knew it would be a great morning.  After feeding my weakness and purchasing many smelly old books I don’t really need, we wandered around the water’s edge and watched some of the fishing boats come in.  The breeze was heavy with the scent of fish, attracting seals into the harbor.  We have a fantastic video of the fishermen feeding the begging seals as they were unloading their boats.

We stayed in the village for an amazing lunch of fresh seafood before heading back to Dublin.  Our morning in Howth definitely tops the list of one of my favorite stops while visiting Ireland!

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6 thoughts on “Howth, Ireland

  1. These were all wonderful shot as usual. I loved the red boats especially. It sounds like it was a perfect day.
    We too first dipped our toes in the ocean in PEI at Cavendish Beach. One day we will live along the ocean and have been talking about it lately a lot. Nothing like a Saskatchewan winter to make you think about retirement.

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