Valentine’s Day Wish List

Mr. T. and I promised each other we would skip the Valentine’s Day gifts this year as we’re heading out on a little holiday here shortly.  We aren’t usually ‘big spenders’ on holidays, but instead spend our savings on groceries we turn into a yummy meal together.  So, in light of us foregoing gifts this year, I did some online ‘shopping’ instead!  Here are some things I would love to give or receive next Valentine’s day :)


I’m pretty sure this is one of the neatest hand-crafted things I have seen in a long time.  It is a fingerprint articulated by book spines.  Brilliant!

You can order them from Cheryl Sorg on Etsy here.


*Sigh* Maiden Voyage.  I can’t sing the praises of this shop loud enough!  Their clothing is so much fun.  Their shirts are comfortable, beautifully creative, and completely unique.  Their customer service is exception and I highly recommend them to anyone looking for something ‘different’ to add to their wardrobe!

This specific shirt definitely isn’t Valentine’s themed… unless your cat is your valentine, which is totally cool.

You can check out Maiden Voyage Clothing here.


So stinkin’ cute!  My heart would melt into a big steaming puddle if someone gave this to me!

You can find it in Med Beach Stone’s shop on Etsy here!


I told Mr. T. that if we were buying cards for each other this year, I would buy this one for him.

Page Fifty Five has countless witty cards in their Etsy shop here.


I LOVE this print and feel it’s necessary that it hang in my office.  I’m going to have to buy myself a gift, because I can’t pass up this beautiful print!

Pigeon Editions has a lot of fun ‘collection’ style prints on Etsy here!  Better yet, their prints are all buy 2 get 1 free!


I ordered some of these Harry Potter bookmarks for Christmas gifts.  I may, or may not have ordered a few for myself as well.

If you fell in love with them too, you can find them in Rappys Goodies shop on Etsy here.


At some point in time, I’m making this for Mr. T.  He will look at, shake his head, and likely question why he married me.  I’ll be proud of my work and insist he display it at work.  He’s a pretty awesome husband.

The pattern for this purrfect gift can be found in That’s Sew Ellie’s Etsy shop here.

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!

One thought on “Valentine’s Day Wish List

  1. Ali –

    Thanks so much of your mention of my thumbprint portraits! Hopefully we can work on one together for you someday. Your lovely photographs of Boston and Cambridge make me feel nostalgic…..I lived there for many years! Thanks again.

    Cheryl Sorg

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