Wild Eyes

Image – TJ Romero

“It would have been cheaper, to keep her, around.”

A country song plays softly on the radio and my husband laughs at the lyrics.

The moon is masked by winter clouds causing the sky to envelop itself. I can’t see past our headlights, but the landscape blurring outside the windows is familiar, even in the dark.

Our speedometer hovers around the speed limit but we are slowly gaining on the large semi truck in front of us. I look out my window to see wild eyes reflecting back at me, warning me they are ready to run, either into or away from the highway traffic. Sadly this highway is notorious for casualties, usually of the four-legged variety.

The turn-signal clicking breaks my stare and an engine revs loudly beside us, almost in response. We travel alongside semis on this highway often, but they are typically the most courteous of travel companions. We both look questioningly at the passing lane, unsure of why the man driving the semi beside us has sped up. He matches our speed, the hooks and chains on the back of his cab dancing wildly in the cold air. We continued down the black pavement, side by side. We were now cornered with a semi in front of us, beside us, and third quickly closing the space between our bumper and his. Behind us headlights flash one, twice.

“I feel like we’re in a horror movie.” my husband quietly comments.

2 thoughts on “Wild Eyes

  1. When you announced that you were going to write a book, I immediately remembered this post from last year. So, this morning, I searched it out to re-read it. I distinctly remember that Curtis and I actually talked about it after you wrote it because we were both dying to read more. Mrs. Thompson, you will be a famous author and I will buy your book and request that you sign it for me :)

    1. Awe, thank you so much Amber!!! That means so much to me!
      I actually forgot about this post so thanks for bringing it to my attention again. I’ll have to build on it as per your request :)

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