Things to do…

I’ve seen plenty of posts listing ‘things to do while quarantined’. Most of the posts though, contain ‘things to do’ to keep children busy while they’re homeschooling and stuck in the house. I wanted to create a similar list, but aimed more toward adults. Throughout this pandemic my anxiety has been causing my body to vibrate constantly and if I’m unable to keep my mind and body busy, my anxiety takes hold and I promise you it isn’t pretty. So, I’ve created a list. Because lists feel like they are bringing organization to the chaos. They make me feel like I’ve created some semblance of order and right now, that seems to ease my anxiety. So, here is a list of some things I’ve found over the last few days which are either free or heavily discounted to keep your mind busy while practicing #socialdistancing.

MYSTERY MANSION – If you love escape rooms as much as I do, you will be excited by this one! Regina’s Mystery Mansion is providing a live-streaming option so you can do an escape room from home and you can direct the game-master via live stream on what to do next. You can book in on their website here. I’m sure that other local escape rooms will also start offering something like this so please try to support local if you can and try out experiences like this one!

JSTOR – They have opened access to their journals and articles for FREE! You can find more information about what they’re offering and how you can access it here.

SCRIBD – They offer free 30 day access to unlimited books, magazines, and audiobooks. Past that 30 days memberships are only $8.99 which is a great deal for the content they have! You can find them online here.

AUDIBLE – They are offering free access to hundreds of children’s and teen’s audiobooks. I just browed the list of titles and there are some great titles in there including plenty of classics. They have advertised this as for children and teens but there is a large assortment of audiobooks everyone in the family will like. You can find all of these books here.

CENTRE OF EXCELLENCE – They are offering a discount on all of their courses until the end of the month if you use the discount code LEARNATHOME14 . They have some great personal development courses as well as some silly ones too! I’m currently taking a course on Cryptozoology and loving it! You can find all of their courses outlined on their website here.

NEW YORK POST STORE – They are also offering a lot of online courses at a heavily discounted rate. From what I can tell this sale ends in the next few days though so if you’re interested, act quickly! Also, if you were looking at any of the Centre of Excellence courses, many of their course are in this sale as part of bundles so they savings are huge. I was looking at a writing course and actually found it here as part of a bundle with a handful of extra writing courses and at half the cost compared to if I would have just bought it by itself from Centre of Excellence. You can see all the courses in the sale here.

RED HERRING GAMES – This is a company who creates Murder Mystery games. I’ve played one of their games before with my family and it was quite fun. We actually plan to do another here soon while everyone is still self-isolating. Because we can’t get together in person, we’re going to set up and online group video chat and play the game that way. Red Herring offers downloadable products and games so this is actually quite easy to do with friends and family. Also, they have a really fun newsletter option that’s solely puzzles. Every day they email a new puzzle to do and I always look forward to solving it! You can see their huge assortment of games online here.

As I find more things, I’ll add them to my list but until then, I hope you enjoy this and find something here which helps take your mind off of everything we’re dealing with right now. Much love and happiness to all of you!

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