If it’s left in my hands and I’m not holding a camera (my camera has superpowers which stifle my introverted self), I’ll likely be too shy to start a conversation. However, it’s unlikely I’ll be able to hold back if you mention books, tea, travel, or animals. You’ll earn bonus points with me if you have a cat and I will always ask to see a picture of their squishy little face. I will of course, want to share a photo of mine in return, but you’re ok with that, right?

Oh, and don’t let the tattoos fool you. If you take a closer look, you’ll notice I’m sporting portraits of both Edgar Allan Poe and Angela Lansbury, it truly doesn’t get any nerdier, er… cool?

My father has always told me that I would be happiest if I was doing what I loved and not what would make me the most money and he knows what he’s talking about!  I’m living my dream by owning and operating my PHOTOGRAPHY BUSINESS, crafting in my spare moments, and aspiring to write horror stories that people will actually pay to read.

I use photography and writing as my creative outlets. Both keep a smile on my face and my soul singing. Sometimes (note : always), when the light is warm and embracing you in its rays I’ll do a little happy dance, but that’s a good thing.  It means your photos are incredible, so you may want to join me in my excited squeals.

When I’m not documenting special moments or meeting my writing deadlines with mere minutes to spare, you will likely find me, coffee and novel in hand, hanging out with my pups and wonderful husband.

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