If it’s left in my hands and I’m not holding a camera (my camera has superpowers which stifle my introverted self), I’ll likely be too worried about being socially-awkward to start a conversation. However, it’s unlikely I’ll be able to hold back if you mention books, travel, or animals. Speaking of animals, more specifically, cats… If you have one and share their photo with me, we’re friends. That, is how my relationship hierarchy works.

Additional items that always melt my heart : conversations about secret societies and cryptozoology, the oxford comma, good chocolate, imperial stouts, the smell of old books, Boston (the city, not the band), fountain pens, and National Treasure movie marathons, to name a few…

Oh, and don’t let the tattoos fool you. If you take a closer look, you’ll quickly realize I’m sporting portraits of both Edgar Allan Poe and Angela Lansbury, it truly doesn’t get any nerdier, er… cool?

I use photography and writing as my creative outlets. Both keep a smile on my face and my soul singing. Sometimes (note : always), when the light is warm and embracing you in its rays I’ll do a little happy dance, but that’s a good thing.  It means your photos are incredible, so you may want to join me in my excited squeals.

When I’m not documenting special moments,  or meeting my writing deadlines with mere minutes to spare, you will likely find me, coffee and novel in hand, hanging out with my pups, cats, and husband. Well that, or studying… I received a BA with English Hons back in 2011 and with the ever-present support from my biggest cheerleader, my husband, I’ve returned to University once again. I’m currently working toward an MA in English and Anthropology, heading back to the Amazon to do another round of fieldwork, and hopefully one day, (please keep your fingers crossed for me on this one) an assignment with National Geographic.

Thank you for stopping by and if you’re interested in following along with my photography work you can find me here.

2015-01-23_0003 2015-01-23_0004

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