Envying:  Celeste Giuliano   Her photography is fun, flirty, classy, and unlike anything I have seen recently.  I would love, more than anything, to travel out to Philadelphia, PA to stand on the other side of the camera for a change.  Specifically, her camera.

Reading: The Poisonwood Bible: A Novel At the moment, I’m halfway through the novel and I’m absolutely loving every single page!  Adah is my favorite character and I find myself looking forward to her chapters.  When I first picked this novel up I did not know it was a part of Oprah’s book club.  After reading A Million Little Pieces I vowed I would never read another novel with that cream-colored sticker, ever again.  I’m grateful I was not aware of its status previous to reading the first few chapters as I would have caused myself to miss out on an amazing novel.  I’m itching to finish it and as soon as I do I’ll post a book review!

Watching: The Following  I am so incredibly excited about this show!  For those of you who don’t know me well yet, I promise it will not take long for my obsession love for Poe to emerge in full force.  My right arm is sleeved with his words and portrait and I’m an avid collector of every single Poe-related item I can get my hands on.  So, to tell you I was eager when this show launched would be an understatement.  Have you watched an episode yet?  What do you think so far?



*Side note – there is an eBay auction up right now for one of these masks!*

Drinking: Bad Attitude Hipster – American Double/Imperial Pilsner.  Mr. T (my husband!) is quite interested in all things beer.  So, awhile ago we attended a beer tasting evening at a local shop (Willow Park).  This was one of the featured samples and I fell in love with it.  It reminds me of fresh-cut grass in the middle of summer.  And, in the middle of Saskatchewan winters any item which reminds you that summer will eventually come around again is an item worth hoarding :)



I love everything about these two!  Their sound is incredibly unique and her smile in this video is infectious.  The best part, their video features puppies!  You must watch to the very end (that’s when the puppies are their cutest!).

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