Dancey Cat

I’m a sucker for animals.  I seek out their interaction and attention more so than I do humans.  I’ve always been this way.  I was the sad little seven-year-old feeding her goldfish with a toothpick when his swimming bladder burst and couldn’t swim upright anymore.  Most would have simply flushed him off to fishy heaven, and maybe I was doing nothing more than prolonging his pain and ultimately inevitable death, but I couldn’t let go until I gave it my all.  He held on for a few weeks, bobbing upside down in his little tank until he passed.  Well, that’s my mother’s version of the story.  Looking back now, maybe she had the good sense I lacked and put him out of his fishy misery during her allotted ‘fish watching’ time while I was away at school.

Anyway, the point of my tail er…, tale,  is to reiterate the way my heart swells when around animals.  You can imagine what a trip to the zoo is like with me…

So, my story – a few years ago my husband and I were walking around our quaint little town and wandered by an apartment building.  They had large living room windows which opened up to the road.  It was early evening, the sun was starting to set, so their window, blinds open, was being backlit by their tv and lamps.  …I know this is starting to sound like a stalking story, but it’s not, I promise!  In the middle of their large window, presumably on the back of this person’s couch was a tabby cat, dancing.  He was dancing and it was hilarious and warmed my heart more than I can articulate!  He kept reaching up, like he was climbing an invisible ladder without gaining any height.  We stood, in the middle of the road and laughed at this cat.  It was a good ten minutes before we were able to peel ourselves away from the show; the cat, not what was playing on their tv.  In the following weeks and months we talked about that cat nearly every day.  We immediately called each other if we drove by and dancey cat was performing again.  For a good six months, dancey cat was a constant source of laughter and happiness in our lives.  We loved that cat.  Then one day, he just wasn’t there anymore.  I’m pretty sure they moved.  It broke my heart.  I’ve been sad about dancey cat for quite some time.  Until today.  Today, my husband sent me an email with a wonderful GIF.  It was a GIF of dancey cat!  …well it’s not THE dancey cat, but it’s A dancey cat and it made me smile.  I’m sharing it with you here today and hope it will make your day just a little better as it did with mine :)



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